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PICOTO Olive Oil comes from the best olives from centennial olive trees, fulfilling the requirements for the production of natural pure olive oil. Olive Oil is no more than “olive juice” and considered by many as liquid gold.


From the groves, using organic farming or integrated production, up until bottling everything is carefully considered, managed and fully controlled.


The olive oil properties depend on the type of farming, the varietals and age of the olive trees, the microclimate, as well as the harvesting date and process, and finally at the olive oil extraction, the storage and bottling steps.


PICOTO Olive Oil comes from traditional Portuguese varietals such as Verdeal, Madural, Cobrançosa, Cordovil, Negrinha de Freixo and Galega. The olive groves are located in two different parts of the country, Trás-os-Montes and Beira Alta. The result is an olive oil that is persistent, bitter and spicy, with green aromas and nutty flavours, truly unique in the world.


The farming is carried out according to traditional organic methods and up-to-date farming techniques which help prevent climate induced plagues and can impair the quality of the fruit and the olive oil.

The harvest is carried out early at optimum ripeness of the fruits, avoiding winter frost, and preserving quality. During harvest and transport to the mill the integrity of the fruit is preserved. The olives are processed on the same day of harvesting.



The mill is fully licenced and certified. Extraction is mechanical at temperatures below 27°C, resulting in a “cold extraction” olive oil.


Storage follows immediately after extraction. The tanks are kept full, with no oxygen, leading to a better durability and preservation of its original properties.


The bottling stage if fully automated, ensuring the best quality.


PICOTO olive oil is tested and classified chemically and organoleptically, by the LET Laboratory from Lisbon´s Agricultural Institute, recognized by COI – International Olive Council.



PICOTO BIO olive oil is produced from organic olive groves, certified by SATIVA, a recognised Portuguese entity, allowing the product to bear a European Bio Stamp.


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